• Auditors on a sustainability 'journey'

    10 October 2023

    Audit firms are upskilling their staff on sustainability topics in preparation for the CSRD but learning these skills takes time

  • EU corporates wary of sustainability assurance requirements

    06 October 2023

    Corporates see the importance of limited assurance but hold concerns over the associated costs, burdens and uncertainty

  • EU considers ISSA 5000's suitability for its sustainability assurance regime

    05 October 2023

    Commission to judge the standard's suitability for Europe ahead of introducing limited assurance standards in 2026

  • CAI webinar on ISSA 5000

    21 September 2023
  • Is what's material for preparers material for auditors?

    14 September 2023

    IAASB set to release additional guidance as confusion persists over practitioner/preparer materiality assessments in sustainability assurance standard