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Vincent Huck is an Editor for Insurance Asset Risk and Corporate Disclosures. 

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  • Comment: For all the drum rolls and trumpets, one can't help to hear the pipe

    30 May 2024

    It's the nature of all press conferences: you shed the light on what you want people to see and focus on, and you make sure that light doesn't move no matter what.

  • ISSB releases jurisdictional adoption guide

    28 May 2024
  • London Stock Exchange, PRI, UN SSE, and WBCSD call for more rapid ISSB adoption

    23 May 2024
  • Direction of travel on sustainability reporting clear, though puzzle still being pieced together

    22 May 2024

    Kristina Wyatt, ex-SEC lawyer and chief sustainability officer at Persefoni, discusses sustainability reporting from California to the US SEC, and from the ISSB to EFRAG

  • UK FCA signposts ISSB voluntary adoption in light of delayed UK endorsement

    22 May 2024
  • The SBTi opens consultation on its chemicals sector project

    20 May 2024
  • ESRB publishes report on how climate-related risks are reflected in IFRS financial statements

    20 May 2024
  • "CSRD is not about extraterritoriality, it's about having a level playing field in the EU," DG Fisma reiterates

    17 May 2024

    Sven Gentner, head of unit at DG Fisma, debunked the notion that CSRD was an exterritorial regulation at an event organised in the European Parliament this week.

  • CSRD, a compliance exercise as much as companies want it to be

    16 May 2024
  • Sally Duckworth appointed chair of the new UK Sustainability Disclosure TAC

    16 May 2024