Top stories

  • EU elections and the uncertain future of the Green Deal

    12 June 2024

    Von der Leyen, set to return as Commission President, faces internal and external pressures to roll back environmental policies

  • ExxonMobil rebuffs reporting proposals amid dispute with environmental groups

    07 June 2024

    Shareholders reject resolutions on social and environmental disclosures, after company's criticisms of shareholder advocacy groups

  • Republicans move to block funding for SEC climate rule

    06 June 2024

    House Appropriations Committee proposes spending bill which prohibits funding for the regulator's climate-related disclosure bill

  • Sweden adopts CSRD into national law

    05 June 2024

    Requirements effective for largest listed companies for first fiscal year after 30 June 2024

  • Meta rejects proposals to report on child safety measures

    04 June 2024

    Shareholders vote against resolutions requesting disclosures on child safety policies and an assessment of the minimum age requirements for social media platforms

  • ACCA's eight-step reporting plan for SMEs

    31 May 2024

    Guidance sets out how small businesses can implement a robust process for disclosing sustainability data

  • China proposes sustainability disclosure standard

    28 May 2024

    With goal of implementing nationwide standard for listed and non-listed companies by 2030

  • IFAC revamping sustainability skills in education standards

    24 May 2024

    Proposed updates aim to embed six key sustainability skills into IES 2,3 and 4

  • EFRAG-ISSB's interoperability gospel, Saint Thomas and the resurrection of SASB Standards

    24 May 2024

    Why SASB Standards emerge as a key interoperability tool for ISSB and EFRAG

  • EU formally adopts Due Diligence law

    24 May 2024

    EU Council approves final CSDDD text, with requirements set to be introduced over the next five years