Practicalities of a double materiality assessment under CSRD


With CSRD reporting kicking in next year, on this year's data, corporates across Europe (and beyond) are fast at work incorporating the regulation's requirements.

Join this Corporate Disclosures webinar to hear from the standard setter, a corporate and an investor, who will discuss the key practicalities in performing a successful double materiality assessment.

We will explore where to start, the first steps in building the double materiality process, the key challenges that corporates may encounter, and the best ways to address those, as well as the opportunities that the process can unlock for the business.

Panellists will answer audience questions.


Gemma Sanchez Danes
Leadership team, EFRAG SR
Jean-Francois Coppenolle
Director - ESG and Climate Integration, Abeille Assurances
Jonathan Loewens
Group Accounting, Allianz

We will discuss

Where to start, first steps, and the process of a DMA

Key challenges and how to overcome them

What opportunities a DMA opens to companies

The investor’s view and expectations with investee companies DMA

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