• CDP launches ISSB-aligned climate questionnaire

    04 June 2024
  • Large asset owners NBIM, CalPERS and CalSTRS backed Domini's TNFD proposals at Home Depot

    17 May 2024

    Awareness of institutional investors highlights financial materiality of nature-related issues

  • UK Government announces delayed timeline for ISSB-endorsement

    16 May 2024

    Department of Business and Trade publishes terms of Reference for the Development of UK Sustainability Reporting Standards

  • Weeding out pesticide usage - through disclosure resolutions

    02 May 2024

    Investor advocacy groups urge companies to measure and disclose the risks of their pesticide usage and the benefits of regenerative agriculture

  • PepsiCo rejects nature risk reporting proposal

    02 May 2024

    Despite wave of support from institutional investors

  • TNFD welcomes ISSB nature research project

    25 April 2024
  • Home Depot confronts Domini's TNFD-related shareholder proposal labelling it as 'unnecessary'

    25 April 2024

    Domini Impact Investments calls on the world's largest home improvement retailer - with more than 2,300 stores in the US, Canada and Mexico - to use the TNFD's risk management and disclosure framework to fully assess its exposure to nature-related issues

  • ISSB approves research projects on nature and human capital

    23 April 2024
  • GRI and TNFD to publish interoperability mapping document

    12 April 2024
  • Thai SEC joins TNFD forum

    13 March 2024