• PRI just transition disclosure framework for China

    25 August 2022
  • EPA gets $5m to improve corporate climate transparency out of Inflation Reduction Act

    23 August 2022
  • PwC webcast on climate change reporting

    23 August 2022
  • Chinese government issues carbon emissions statistical accounting system

    22 August 2022
  • Corporates doubtful on ESRS compatibility with TCFD framework

    19 August 2022

    One of the common criticisms levelled at EFRAG and the European Union is to not have openly embraced (unlike the ISSB) the TCFD's four pillars of reporting, but most corporate respondents to EFRAG's consultation said the proposed standards are TCFD compatible even if some would like greater alignment on terminologies.

  • Responses to US SEC's climate disclosures proposal

    17 August 2022
  • Research on asset managers' attitudes on SEC proposed climate disclosures rule

    16 August 2022
  • SMBC, Persefoni and IBM Japan collaborate on climate management software

    11 August 2022
  • Study: 70% UK blue-chip firms not meeting climate disclosure expectations

    09 August 2022
  • Senator Markey urges SEC to require public companies to disclose Scope 3 emissions

    03 August 2022