• Hoping for a harmonized global baseline adopted internationally

    02 March 2023

    CPA Canada vice president of research guidance and support, Rosemary McGuire, discusses the professional body's position with sustainability reporting considering Canada's market interconnectedness with the US and Europe.

  • Challenges for the adoption of the ISSB standards

    21 February 2023
  • Comment: I'm no partisan, but memory is important when looking at EFRAG and ISSB

    29 December 2022
  • Emmanuel Faber visits double materiality shrine

    09 December 2022

    Bearing the 'investor focus flag'

  • Sue Lloyd's 'I have a dream'

    11 November 2022

    ISSB vice chair highlights how interoperability table is key for ISSB and EFRAG alignment

  • UNCTAD conference: Sustainability infiltrates the whole accountancy profession

    11 November 2022

    While new standards are welcomed, emerging economies fear they might not be fit for purpose for their market realities

  • The pubic sector's specificity calls for double materiality sustainability reporting

    11 November 2022

    Alex Metcalfe, head of public sector at ACCA, discusses the professional body's focus on professionalising public sector finance staff and incorporating double materiality sustainability in public sector reporting. Interview by Vincent Huck

  • ISSB confirms SASB and CDSB in source of guidance

    03 November 2022

    But falls short of agreeing on GRI and ESRS

  • Corporates call for more guidance on double materiality

    27 October 2022

    While saying they are not bothered by the single vs double materiality debate

  • Double materiality will not lead to hyperinflation of ESG data

    13 October 2022

    EFRAG sustainability reporting board member Patrick de Cambourg tells European financial analysists