• Accountancy Europe issues guide on ESRS materiality assessment

    07 June 2024
  • EFRAG issues final ESRS guidance documents

    04 June 2024
  • ACCA's eight-step reporting plan for SMEs

    31 May 2024

    Guidance sets out how small businesses can implement a robust process for disclosing sustainability data

  • Direction of travel on sustainability reporting clear, though puzzle still being pieced together

    22 May 2024

    Kristina Wyatt, ex-SEC lawyer and chief sustainability officer at Persefoni, discusses sustainability reporting from California to the US SEC, and from the ISSB to EFRAG

  • CSRD, a compliance exercise as much as companies want it to be

    16 May 2024
  • GRI launches CSRD essentials series

    15 May 2024
  • IFRS and EFRAG release ESRS/ISSB interoperability guidance

    02 May 2024
  • Connectivity challenges laid bare in IASB board meeting discussions

    26 April 2024

    Duplication and overlap between financial and sustainability reporting "unavoidable", for now

  • UN Global Compact UK: Sustainability reporting webinar series

    24 April 2024
  • WEF: Impact valuation in double materiality

    22 April 2024