• Nigerian FRC adopts ISSB standards

    10 November 2022
  • Brazil ready to endorse ISSB standards

    09 November 2022

    Vania Maria da Costa Borgerth, Board Member at the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants, stresses the need for standardized sustainability reporting globally and highlights Brazil's endorsement mechanism

  • EFRAG CEO gives update at UNCTAD/ISAR

    08 November 2022

    Saskia Slomp, EFRAG CEO, outlines the sustainability work of the advisory body this year and plans for 2023

  • There is love in the air

    03 November 2022

    ISSB and EFRAG working on an interoperability table

  • Advisory body to German government calls for greater alignment with ISSB work

    02 November 2022

    As well as prioritisation and proportionality in implementing EU standards

  • ESMA enforcement priorities for financial reports

    01 November 2022
  • EFRAG hears banks' call for help with ESRS

    07 October 2022

    EFRAG will add mandatory disclosures to the ESRS to help banks comply with their own regulatory reporting obligations

  • Frank Bold launches podcast about responsible businesses

    16 September 2022
  • EPA gets $5m to improve corporate climate transparency out of Inflation Reduction Act

    23 August 2022
  • US Congress gills SEC on climate disclosure proposals

    22 July 2022