• Republicans launch twin legislative offensive against US SEC

    08 December 2022

    Two bills have been introduced to both US houses which would limit the mandate of the SEC to introduce its climate disclosure law

  • Dissecting the criticism leveraged at the US SEC climate proposals

    09 November 2022

    Dan Savickas, director of tech policy at the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, explains the group's criticism of the SEC's proposed rule

  • Push back on ESG is a "denial of capitalism"

    23 September 2022

    Ivan Frishberg, chief sustainability officer at Amalgamated Bank, tells NYC climate week

  • Nelson Mandela's "favorite judge" launches sustainability reporting initiative

    05 September 2022

    Mervyn King's ESG Exchange aims to provide clarity for preparers

  • EPA gets $5m to improve corporate climate transparency out of Inflation Reduction Act

    23 August 2022
  • SEC proposes rules for climate-related disclosures

    15 May 2022