• IATP backs US SEC's proposed climate disclosures rule

    17 March 2023
  • US SEC still caught between a rock and a hard place on climate rule

    10 March 2023

    Democrats urging SEC to stay strong but Republicans and corporates have been pushing for the proposed climate disclosures rule to be softened

  • Hoping for a harmonized global baseline adopted internationally

    02 March 2023

    CPA Canada vice president of research guidance and support, Rosemary McGuire, discusses the professional body's position with sustainability reporting considering Canada's market interconnectedness with the US and Europe.

  • US Republicans reintroduce 'Protect Farmers from the SEC Act'

    21 February 2023
  • Forrester guide on preparing for SEC's proposed climate disclosure rule

    20 February 2023
  • Momentum building behind making country-by-country tax reporting public

    15 February 2023

    Shareholder resolutions and national regulations are pushing for companies to publicly disclose their taxes and business activities in every country

  • US SEC endorses FASB's new standard-setting priorities

    15 February 2023
  • Kennedys on legal concerns over SEC climate rule

    14 February 2023
  • Non-profits back US SEC climate disclosure rule

    09 February 2023
  • PRI signatories support US SEC's climate disclosures rule for investors

    09 February 2023