• ESRS and GRI - what differences remain?

    19 December 2023

    Interoperability Index highlights 50 discrepancies between the impact disclosures in both sets of standards

  • EFRAG and GRI MoU herald ESRS capacity building era

    11 December 2023

    De Cambourg and Van der Enden tell Corporate Disclosures

  • EFRAG facing daunting task on ESRS Q&A

    13 October 2023

    Process decided for answering questions on standards but members concerned over the size of the task at hand

  • EFRAG piling the impact materiality pressure on ISSB

    30 August 2023

    Calls for impact disclosures in the IFRS sustainability standards while accepting the limitations of the ISSB's investor-focused mandate

  • Three billboards outside planet earth, solar system.

    04 August 2023

    A movie production by the First Triumvirate of the sustainability reporting republic

  • Commission adopts ESRS delegated act

    31 July 2023

    With added provisions on climate change and SFDR-related data points and adjustment to financial materiality

  • The (nearly) forgotten interoperability table is back (from the future)

    13 July 2023

    And in 'substance' there is 'substantial' progress

  • Commission's ESRS adjustments fail to appease corporates

    12 July 2023

    Companies praise European Commission for trimming down the standards but hold reservations over the reporting burden, the timeframe and the materiality assessment

  • EFRAG to work on inventory of data points in ESRS set 1

    12 April 2023

    And will open an access point for stakeholders to submit questions

  • EFRAG and IAASB aligned on sustainability assurance challenges

    23 March 2023

    And IAASB will work to ensure standards work with ESRS reporting