• "We haven't built back better after COVID" Emmanuel Faber tells HEC students

    13 September 2022

    "Economically and politically, we have rushed back to business as usual"

  • The conflict between double & single materiality is more a narrative than a reality - ISSB's Faber tells MEPs

    02 September 2022

    Conflicts between ISSB & EFRAG standards can't be ruled out but there is a huge opportunity for alignment, he said

  • Emmanuel Faber's speech to the European Parliament

    02 September 2022
  • ISSB to review IFRS S1 and S2 based on alignment with jurisdictions

    31 August 2022

    Emmanuel Faber tells European Parliament

  • "The ISSB is a flash in the pan to prolong business as usual," Mirova CEO laments

    22 July 2022

    Philippe Zaouati regrets the ISSB chair may be a 'spoil of war' by the proponents of business as usual

  • SASB to become the IFRS sustainability standards for SMEs?

    20 July 2022

    An option to be discussed by the ISSB, its chair said

  • What if the ISSB and EFRAG already shared a same vision of materiality

    29 June 2022

    Is there a parochial debate between theory and practice?

  • G7 calls on ISSB to work on standards for nature and social

    20 May 2022