28 February 2024

EU Council rejects CSDDD

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29 February 2024

Singapore sets out climate reporting requirements

Subsidiaries of parent reporting under ISSB or ESRS get exemption, and temporary exemption for GRI and TCFD users

27 February 2024

Australian businesses call for climate reporting "training wheels"

But NGOs demand that extensive reporting requirements be introduced within a short timeframe


23 February 2024

Comment: A Pythonesque take on IASB/ISSB joint meeting

Featuring the the knights of the square standard setting table

06 February 2024

Float like a butterfly sting like the BEES: can the ISSB learn from the Rumble in the Jungle?

As EFRAG seeks alignment with the TNFD framework, is the ISSB down for the count in the global sustainability reporting arena?